>Was it that good

WAS IT THAT GOOD? By Felicia LaCosse

It's refreshing to find out ABC's WHAT ABOUT JOAN is more than a formula comedy. The sex talk with girlfriends really intrigued me. "Was it the best sex you ever had?" It was quite a laugh on the show, and it really got me thinking.
Perhaps you can remember your first time. I did. And well, no it was not the best sex I ever had.
On our first date which was way back in high school, he said, "Lets make love with our clothes on." Of course, I wondered how could we do that. So by date two and him seeing another girl instead of me, I felt pressured. Also I was 18. When was I ever going to give it up?
Most of my girlfriends gave theirs up back in Junior High.
Anyway, there was something about him. Yeah, I think I could do this. Of course, his very persuasive kiss was the key.
Not exactly on the beach, but there was enough sand in my pants afterward, I could have made one. A very outdoors event.
Some get the deluxe hotel with room service. I got the stars. And thats what I looked into during the whole ordeal.
Later, that night, alone I did my best to savor the moment. The kissing was fun. But the whole act was a rush job. It was over before I knew it.
Of course, practice makes perfect. And that seemed to be the course of action in the weeks that followed.
Just when I thought we were getting closer, I felt we were farther apart.
I was having more fun with his best friend, and it wasn't even romantic.
In every relationship there is that fine line between friends and lovers.
There are times in our life we just want to get what we want and move on.
But sooner or later you're going to want a foundation you can lean in too. Built on friendship more than sex.
Recently, in JACK AND JILL, Jaime Presley's character has struggled with the after effects of casual sex with her roommate. Of course, this is one show that always gets more people in bed than any other series...other than SEX IN THE CITY.
Then you start to wonder, should I make a trip to Pier One before my next bedroom fling?
Not that many of us are going to be size 4 and pumped like any of these characters.
Recently, on THAT 70'S SHOW, Eric's sister said "When my looks go then I'll have a baby."
Well, sometimes those looks go fast. And of course your partner might not look the same, either.
Some say its all in the touch. Others might tell you..talk..talk. Listen to your mother.
Yeah, it might not be the best sex you ever had, but where is that person anyway?
It might not be that great the second time around, either.